To Enroll in Compass Point Christian Academy you will need to do the following steps;

  1.  Read BYLAWS
  2.  Fill out one Family Enrollment Form and submit it to the cover school administrator.
  3. Schedule online appointment with administrator on Facebook.
  4. If you do not use Facebook, email the Admin at compasspointhomeschool@gmail.com to let her know you have started the process
  5. Admin will set up an online meeting via zoom or Facebook Messenger.
  6. Once approved, admin will email church school enrollment form to you. You will then, need to print one per child & fill it out.
  7. Mail forms to administrator with $50 processing fee (check or money order) made to Deven Vasko, 607 Sutherland Dr. Chickasaw, AL 36611.  If paperwork needs to be rushed, there will be an additional $50 fee to cover overnight postage.
  8. Once received, She will complete the forms & mail copies to you & the original will be sent certified to your school system.
  9. Please file your copies with the light green return receipt that will come back to you in a safe place. These are IMPORTANT documents.
  10. Please join our FaceBook group.