Using the Arts as a Foundation for Unschooling

In today’s society, especially within the school system, there are strict guidelines, rules and regulations… A cookie cutter pattern in which our children are forced to conform. the problem with this is that these children are individuals, but in passing through the system are forced to edit themselves, cut their unique edges, and Frankenstein themselves […]

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I work hard to make sure it’s calm, peaceful & lasts as long as I can make it last. Probably one of the reasons I love being married into a culture that gives a nod to the Orthodox Church. 2 Christmases! One of my favorite […]

Christmas Learning

The beauty of homeschooling is that learning becomes a lifestyle. Christmas is especially rich in multi-textured education. Subjects blend & combine. Math & Science can be found in Christmas baking & Christmas lights. History can be found in traditions – both ours & around the World. So, don’t stress over Christmas break. Learning is still […]

His Schedule 

As I sit here, during spring break, prepping for Mamas’ Saturday School, next year’s curriculum plan and a million other details.  I am reminded of the importance of knowing when to put aside our schedules to minister to those around us.  It’s important as a mama to be sensitive to His voice.  This goes deeper […]

Homeschooling Mama Friends 

One of the most often repeated worries that a veteran homeschooling mama hears is “socialization.”   It comes from every imaginable source. Concerned family & friends, strangers at the supermarket and the new questioning mama who desires to homeschool.  I have often been guilty of snickering when I hear it. I shouldn’t.  But, seriously. Have you […]

Homeschooling Baby

Homeschooling before Kindergarten is really my favorite. I consider anything below kindergarten as “baby.” Seriously, Mamas. They are still babies. Our homeschooling journey began because we couldn’t afford daycare. I  fell in love with seeing that light bulb turn on. I was hooked. Regardless of your family’s future educational choices, you ARE your babies’ first […]

How to Homeschool (with links)

It’s that wonderful, exciting time of year! Nervous new mamas begin to ask questions.  This is an important question. You are all important mamas. Praying for you today!  1) Pray. God has a plan. He always has a plan. He never deserts us.  Find more information on praying for your homeschooling here. 2) Give yourself […]

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