Homeschooling Baby

Homeschooling before Kindergarten is really my favorite. I consider anything below kindergarten as “baby.”

Seriously, Mamas. They are still babies.

Our homeschooling journey began because we couldn’t afford daycare. I  fell in love with seeing that light bulb turn on. I was hooked.

Regardless of your family’s future educational choices, you ARE your babies’ first teacher. Mamas are so very important.

So here’s a few tips to make homeschooling baby easier.

1) Less is more. Littles really do not need curriculum. They have an attention span of about 1 minute X their age. 

2) play IS learning. 

As my babies were growing, we had  “creative play” boxes: Art box, block box, Lego box, dress up box, book box, sewing box, science box. 

 Pull a box out as needed. 

Not all boxes are appropriate at every age or stage. Use wisdom.

Here are some great links for Creative Learning Boxes

Treasure Basket Pattern

1st Sewing Basket for Kids

Embroidery with Children

Babies 1st Art Supplies

Science Box

Matryoshka Lacing Cards

3) Books. We read a lot. Use your library. Know your librarian.

4) Conversation. We talk a lot. About everything we see. All day long. LOL!

5) When you feel the need for socialization, look for free or cheap mommy & me play dates: story times, MOPS, park Day & play dates 

So I hope this helps!
 I’m in the process of building new creative play boxes for our surprise baby.

I think my big kids as excited than I am!

I love this age!

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