How to Homeschool (with links)

It’s that wonderful, exciting time of year! Nervous new mamas begin to ask questions. 
This is an important question. You are all important mamas. Praying for you today! 
1) Pray. God has a plan. He always has a plan. He never deserts us. 

Find more information on praying for your homeschooling here.

2) Give yourself grace for not knowing everything. No one does in the beginning of anything worth while. 

List of Prayers for your Homeschool

Give Yourself Grace
3) Know your laws. This is the most important research you will do in the beginning. It is important to know what your state requires. It is also important to know what it does not require. 

Find your State Law’s Here

4) Take your time researching curriculum, planning & scheduling. You don’t have to know every thing today. You can change things that don’t work. You are not stuck. 

Reviews by Cathy Duffy are found here.
5) Enjoy your children. They are only in this stage, age or phase right now. Enjoy the journey. Relax. Don’t Stress. 
More on taking it slow can be found here.
6) Gather your tribe. You need homeschooling mamas to encourage you. Choose carefully. Friends bring sweetness to life.
Find more here
7) Socialization is a non-issue. As long as you are interacting with others, outside of your house, your children will be fine. I promise. 
More on socialization found here.

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